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What is Semalt Crawler?

Webmasters, SEO and market specialists and other persons concerned often get anxious about Semalt crawlers visiting their websites and displaying data about these visits on the web analytics systems, such as: Google Analytics, StatCounter, Sitemeter, Wordpress My Stats and other. Below you will find our official position on this matter to answer in advance a lot of questions related to the Semalt crawlers and to clarify the situation.
A Semalt crawler is a technical bot of the webmaster analytics tool According to the software algorithm Semalt crawler bots visit website and gather statistical data for our service simulating real user behavior: unique IP, browser, display resolution etc. This information is used exclusively within the project and isn't revealed to a third party. Our crawler bots have 100% bounce rate and don't click on advertising banners (cpc, cpa, cpm systems) or extend links. No need to look for some hidden motive or conspiracy when your website was visited by our crawler as it was mentioned above. All the visits are automatic and random.
We assume some webmasters won't agree with "a mess" in their statistics and robots gathering the information. However, we must admit that World Wide Web is overfilled with crawlers which belong to various search engine systems, services, analytics systems and which daily gather gigabytes of information and make changes to the webmaster statistics system. These crawlers are in fact the integral part of today's web life and it's hard to imagine online activity without them. Anyway, we would like to bring our sincere apologies to all the persons who had any sort of problems caused by our service.
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How to stop the Crawler?

Add the list of your websites each in a new line. Mind that the system identifies a subdomain as a separate site. Your website will be eliminated from our base in 30 minutes after you fill in the form.
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